OKC Trinity COVID Response

Church Family, 

In this season of Thanksgiving, I am so grateful for you and the many ways you reflect the love of the Lord in your day to day lives!  Last week, we were all disappointed by the need to return to online services only due to COVID, and we are ALL wondering when things will get back to normal.  Obviously, I can't tell you when things will get back to normal, but I can share with you the parameters your church board is using to decide when to cancel onsite activities, and when to return.  I'd like to share these with you here, in the hopes that having the information provides some feeling of stability and consistency in these strange times.  

OKC Trinity COVID Response

Red – All services are online

Orange – Services and classes may meet in person

Yellow – Wednesday Activities may take place

OKC Trinity’s COVID responses are based on color levels using the website:  covidactnow.org/us/ok

These levels are determined based on positive cases per 100,000 people in a given county AND these four triggers:

-Statewide ICU beds available are <5%

-Statewide medical/surgical beds available are <5%

-Statewide ventilators available are <5%

-Facility PPE threshold on hand is <5 days of PPE statewide

OKC Trinity will respond to the highest color level present in Oklahoma and/or Cleveland counties.  While changes will be made immediately when color levels go up, returning to lower color level activities will require 2 consecutive Sundays at the lower level. All levels assume proper use of masks, distancing, and other appropriate safety measures.  

These parameters were recommended to your board and staff by a panel of scientific experts who are both members of Trinity, and actively dealing with the COVID crisis in Oklahoma.  You should know that these parameters measure when the board and staff feel it is reasonably safe to gather for activities, but do not measure the number of volunteers we have available.  For many children and youth activities, being short of volunteers means we can not fully return to those ministries as soon as we enter a different level and return onsite. 

One of the reasons these decisions are oh so hard is because our response as a community of faith bears direct witness to the love and work of God in the world today.  People will look at us and make assumptions about the God that we serve since we are God's representatives upon the earth.  TCN FAMILY, let's bravely reflect the love of our God in this dark season. Join me in praying that the Holy Spirit will lead us to new and innovative ways of loving and serving God and others in this time; while we remain careful to not contribute to the spread of disease or death to those around us. The Church of Jesus Christ is one that should always spread life not death, light not darkness. Lord, in your mercy hear our prayers.

With Love and Prayers, 

Gabriela Rodriguez

Lead Pastor